The Pros And Cons Of Overcrowded Schools

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America’s education is drastically dropping due to overcrowded classrooms, we need to hire more teachers and volunteers, let teachers spend one on one time with children, and open up more schools. Doing these things would help our growing generation of children not only get an education but also learn and understand what they are learning about. Not enough children are getting their education to the full extent that they could be. Children are just skimming their way through school and are not actually learning much.
One way we can cut down the numbers of kids in each class is to hire more teachers and volunteers. Hiring more teachers would decrease the number of students per classroom. There are aids such as AmeriCorps that have volunteers willing to help kids who need extra help. Americorp volunteers go into the school and with the teacher 's help they find the students that need a little extra help and they pull them aside and work one on one with them. Volunteers are a great way to help kids because they are not disrupting the rest of the class and also they can tutor the child after school to where it is not taking
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Yes, in bigger classrooms they can make more friends and get help from peers but they can make friends a different way and it is much more efficient if they are getting help from the teacher. Hiring more teachers and having less kids per classroom is the best thing that could happen to education. Children will get to learn and grow more if they are understanding the topics to the best of their ability and the only way this will happen is if the classroom sizes are decreased. With the help from the community and help from volunteers we can make classroom sizes small again and help children get the education that they need and that they deserve. Smaller class not only help the students tremendously but also help the teachers because they

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