Too Much Confidence Is Good Essay

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Confidence can be good. Confidence can also be bad. Whichever way the trait is looked at, confidence is quite confusing. When asked to define confidence, the first thought that comes to mind is believing in something. Believing in a friend, a teammate, or even one 's own self are all examples of confidence at play as everyone, at some point, has experienced it in some way, shape, or form. Therefore, confidence is used every day even if it is not necessarily recognized and it exists in everyone, sometimes it may be a great deal or sometimes none at all, but there does come a point when confidence in a person can become too much.
Confidence and trust go hand in hand in nearly every situation which can be seen every day in various examples.
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This is called overconfidence. Overconfidence exists in people who can be described as self-absorbed, arrogant, and egotistical. Having too much confidence is not good because it makes that person feel too powerful or better than everyone else, which can sometimes bring down others. Alex B. van Zant and Don A. Moore, figured out that “Overconfidence has basically been studied in three ways. The first is overestimation: thinking that you’re better than you actually are. The second is overplacement: thinking that you’re better than others when you’re not. The third is overprecision: being too sure you know the truth” (Zant 7). Being overconfident has even been discovered to cloud judgement. Van Zant and Moore researched how well an overly confident person does in a normal job setting, whether he is helpful or actually hurting the company. They discovered that having confidence helps a person to be successful, but too much confidence tends to lead the person into making risky decisions. They stated, “Every company ought to be worried about the potential for overconfidence among managers at the top. After all, the way people get to the top is by having a career in which they both perform well and are favored by fortune,” (9). In this regard, people not only have to observe themselves to determine their lack of confidence, but to also ensure that they are not becoming

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