Overcoming the Internal Limits We Impose on Ourselves Essay

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There is a dungeon we are in – a dark prison with no physical walls to keep us in, no guard to watch us day and night. And yet, we are serving our time in solitary confinement in there this prison…

Each one of us has particular aims, and as we move forward in life, our ambitions change, and we set ourselves certain goals. But more often than we realize, we restrict the goals we set for ourselves. We suffer from self-doubt, and our insecurities of which we are not even aware instill inhibitions that spread roots and branches in our minds. The result? Self-imposed internal limits – on ourselves, our goals, ambitions, potential, imagination. We lose faith in ourselves, and at times, we don’t even realize it.

At times, our inability to
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The all-encompassing fear of life prevents us from living. Thus, we have to struggle, even to get our everyday tasks done. We sink deeper and deeper into a suffocating darkness. Some reel under the pressure and give in to depression. Others wedge a daily war. But, everyone who sets internal limits to his/her goals essentially buries his/her best qualities, and jeopardizes his/her innate talents.

It all begins with the fear of failure. If you want something too bad, the fear of failing to achieve it, and being hurt and rejected is something that can be scary. This primarily happens as a result of setting a goal and considering it the highest achievement. When you assign a high level of importance to something, gaining it becomes so big that a failure at doing so might not leave your life with any meaning at all. Intensity of fear to fail is proportional to to the importance placed on the goal at hand. Moreover, the uncertainty of a situation makes you more nervous.

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality,” said Lucius Annaeus Seneca. Yes, many of us are prevented from accomplishing our dreams because we remain tethered by these imaginary obstacles and unjustified fears. We are petrified at the thought of making a gamble because we have a pre-conceived perception about the possible peril, and how we might fare in the face of it. It is crippling to think that you might

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