Overall, Holistic Evaluation Of The Report Essay

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Overall, holistic evaluation of the report: Acceptable
The report discusses about relevant aspects on the ethics issue in the project management, including the definitions of ethics and ethical dilemmas, how to ensure ethics in the projects by constructing a formal code and how to avoid ethics dilemmas for both individuals and teams. Key messages and an associated conclusion are shown clearly in the abstract and conclusion sections.
The report could be improved to incorporate more details about the topic and create more original contents.
Sometimes, the report does not provide sufficient details to the reader. For example, in the “Promoting ethical behaviour” section, the authors unrolled their discussion by defining the foundations of ethical behaviours, including “respect, fairness and honesty”. Then, based on this definition, the authors defined the ethical dilemmas and proposed ways to ensure ethics. However, it is not very clear here what the three principles mentioned mean in the context of the project management exactly. This prevents readers from forming a good understanding of the precise meaning of the following concepts based on these vague foundations. We suggest authors reading through the PMI’s Code of Ethics(PMI, 2016), which contains very specific and detailed descriptions of what all these terminologies mean in the project management context, and gives more sufficient discussion so that readers could get an insight of the topic.
Another important issue could…

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