Overall Context Of The Organization Of Concern Here Is The Airport

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Overall context of the organization
The organization of concern here is the airport. To begin with, the company has some employees and has implemented a self-check-in system. There is also a schedule display visible from the outer portion of the airport, which serves as an interface to communicate arrival and departure for the plane. The main building has at least three floors as describe in the case, but the main offices are located on the second floor. Ticket desk is located on the third floor where people line up to be attended to by ticketing agents. There is also a baggage reclaim area which is not automated. The organization makes a hotel booking for delayed flights although there seems to be a disconnection between the hotel owners and the airport management.
Identification of relevant problems
From the case description, it is apparent that the airport is facing many problems that frustrate their customers. Right from the start, we can see disconnects between the organization and the customers. There is no clear communication channel to notify customers whenever there is a delay of flights. Also, flights get canceled even without customers’ consent. This is not only annoying but also disheartening since most people, including Ruth, chose the airline hoping to arrive home early. It turns out that their flights were canceled and most of them had to wait until the next day. Despite having their flights canceled, the customers have to make a follow-up on their own to…

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