Outline Some of the Main Issues Facing Higher Education in the 21st Century. to What Extent Is Higher Education an Effective Means of Both Obtaining Employment and Learning the Basic Prerequisite Skills for the Global Workplace?

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Outline some of the main issues facing higher education in the 21st century. To what extent is higher education an effective means of both obtaining employment and learning the basic prerequisite skills for the global workplace?
Higher Education is one of the most important phenomenons in the
21st century. It is undergoing some major transformations and developments which are mainly effected by Globalization. Such as, international education, global capitalism, spread of culture and media, trade and work. Thus, it’s crucial to interpret the term of Globalization, which becomes a major backdrop of other phenomenon, including high education. Certainly, higher education provides prerequisite skills and higher life
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(Spence,1973;Stiglitz,1975).This means,higher education provides people not only higher employment chances but also improve their staring salary.
However, even though higher education brings huge benefits to people, it also has to improve in some aspects. For instance, over-education, Refers to the level of education of the workers more than itself engaged in the work of the required level, resulting in higher educational workers cannot find an ideal job, failing to achieve career aspirations. According to the research by Brennan, J and Little, B. ‘35 percent of UK graduates thought that their first job did not require a particular field of study.’ Which shows that more than one third of graduates in UK were not satisfied with the courses they have been force to learn during their University .Because they have to passed all the subjects and get their qualifications. But the result shows that most of the hardworking didn’t seem to achieve the original desire. Moreover, Wu (2004) found that in recent years, although the incidence of over-education increased, the incidence is related negatively to the competitiveness of the sector or industry in China. It also shows that the problem of over-education may be alleviated with continuing Chinese economic market reform.(Li, 2008, p9) we can see

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