Outline Of The Pastor Nkosi Essay

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If you confront Pastor Nkosi, he 'll bury all the evidence.

We must show the church that he 's a fraud and then hand him over to the police.

- Remember that you 're doing this for Mxolisi, right?
- I know.

Take this voice recorder and put it in here.

And then put the handbag on the table.

You forget that I know you.

Don 't think I 'm one of these people you 're fooling, who think that you 're a real apostle.

I don 't have any money at the moment.

Please wait till the tithes come in, then I 'll pay you.

- I 'm sorry, Ma. I couldn 't do it.
- Nosipho...

I couldn 't do it.
I got scared and thought about...

what he 'd to me if he saw the recorder.

- I want to do another pregnancy test.
- You 're not pregnant. Not even a dark dot.

I 've put something in here that will help your mother in the hospital.


Your girlfriend was here.

She said that Uncle Mindlos has heard.

He knows about our plan.
He 's set his guys on us.

Ma, I said I 'm sorry.
Don 't tell me you 're drinking this early.

No, man, I 'm fine.

It 's just a bit a wine. The doctor said I should have some in the morning to settle my stomach.

I 'm fine.

Mama, I really wanted to do it.

But I thought about what Pravesh would to me if he killed his own wife.

Don 't apologise.
I owe you an apology.

I shouldn 't have listened to Mabuza 's madness.

I almost pimped you out to a killer.

We 're just trying to help Mxo.

Not by putting your life in danger.

This is so frustrating. I didn 't sleep a…

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