Outliers Essay

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Becoming successful is what most people aspire to be. Most people fantasize the dream house, car, and having the dream job. Even though success is viewed so highly, not everyone can be successful. Malcolm Gladwell explains that idea throughout his book Outliers. Gladwell’s chapters contain endless amounts of evidence that support his claims exceptionally well. But, Michiko Kakutani, a critic for New York Times, exposes Gladwell’s evidence as unreliable and unconvincing, and upon further research, Gladwell’s faults grew deeper. Even though Gladwell provides an extensive amount of evidence, that evidence is one-sided and relies on suggestion. Each chapter of Outliers provides an enormous amount of evidence to support the overall claim …show more content…
Even though Gladwell does a great job providing evidence to support his claims, his evidence is one-sided and relies on suggestion. Gladwell doesn't explore other possibilities other than the possibilities that support the points he is trying to get across. One extreme example of this is when Gladwell blames the first officer for the KAL 801 Korean air plane crash. He blames the first officer because of his Korean ethnicity which he explains to be "a culture in which enormous attention is paid to the relative standing" (Gladwell 215.) Gladwell goes on to explain the different forms on Korean language and how the first officer wouldn't question authority because the officer was of lower ranking. Not once does Gladwell suggest anything different. Other reasons could have played into effect such as the captain inability to figure out where he was or the first officer could have already known the captain was unapproachable and he didn't want to deal with the attitude. As she puts it in her example "does not explain why other groups, who practiced as much as the Beatles, never became one of the seminal rock groups." The way Gladwell doesn't explore further options about how Rock bands become successful also proves his evidence is all one-sided. Due to Gladwell’s evidence being one-side it becomes hard to believe his ideas since he does not acknowledge ideas outside of his own.
Gladwell's one-sided evidence ties right

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