Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

1019 Words Jul 21st, 2015 5 Pages
Growing up I was always taught that hard work, preservation, motivation and drive would excel and get me far in life. Outliers almost paints a different picture. Outliers states how luck might have to do with one 's success, such as succeeding and becoming a high ranking sports player. Outliers also mentions how Asians are better at math, because they practice more and if we all contributed at least 10,000 hours into a hobby we enjoy, we could be the best. All these possible reasons as to why, someone could succeed and I started to feel like everything I had been taught, was false. While reading Outliers, I began to see if I had any similarities between the stories Malcolm Gladwell told and figured out that I shared no similarities or common features, which made no sense, because I feel at my age, that I 've done very well for myself. While Outliers hasn 't affected my life or made me change my views on success, it has provided me with many ideas, that are a food for thought.

My favorite chapter in Outliers, would have to be the 10,000 hours rule. Gladwell explains that if we dedicate at least 10,000 hours in a hobby or sport, then we can excel just as those, who do it for a profession. It all starts from a young age, those who are good, are picked to play in upper teams and the higher they go, the more practice they must put in. No amount of natural talent will come from itself, countless hours of practice and perseverance. Growing up, I always played chess and was…

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