Our Team 's Production Of A Biodegradable Portable Potty Is Not A New Innovation

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Our team’s intended production of a biodegradable portable potty is not a new innovation, but represents an improvement to the existing options that are available in hospitals and in most of the healthcare industry. To maximize the benefits to our potential customers and stakeholders, we developed a series of straightforward questions to determine what they need the most from a better product. Our team developed a survey, shown in Figure A1 (Attachments), incorporating such questions based on certain themes. The survey was then given in person to 40 random customers with no obvious or explicit similarities. Also, a member of our team was always present to ensure that any misgivings or inquiries were clarified as they took the survey.
The survey revealed the diverse viewpoints of these customers and what our team should be concerned about in regards to the design and production of a portable potty. The clear and emerging themes from the survey were that a majority of customers believed that a low sales price (90 %), light in weight (85 %), biodegradability (77.5 %), size diversity (70 %), and a lid (67.5 %) are the more important needs that they want addressed in this product. Similarly, the results of this survey also revealed that not many customers were interested in a specific color (35 %), the reusability (42.5 %), and the thickness (35 %) of the portable potty. For the color of the portable potty, most of the interviewed customers did not indicate a…

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