Essay about Our President Of The United States

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November 8, 2016 we the people elected Donald Trump as our 44th President of the United States. In the short weeks since the election many questions have been asked and tensions have risen around how Trump will treat immigrants, the LGBT community, and other questions such as what is going to happen to our country over the next four years? How does all of this play into my own perspective as well as Christian Worldviews?
November 16, 2016 Amber Timmons name was added to the list of hate crimes when her SUV was spray painted with Trump’s name, swastika’s, and hate graffiti, Amber wasn’t the only person recently suffering from the hate some people felt they should express. The Denver Post states, “Reports of intimidation and harassment in Boulder County became so widespread that District Attorney Stan Garnett called a meeting Wednesday night in Longmont to reassure people that they would be safe.” Frankie Amaya was approached by two white men at an Aurora gas station, the two men used “an ethnic slur and said: “We can’t wait for the wall to get built so we can throw you back over it “.” Timmons and Amaya are part of the transgender community. What is the cause for the hate? Is Trump to blame? Are Trump supporters to blame?
The Denver Post stated in the last week over 107 hate crimes were reported just in Colorado, this report doesn’t include locations that do not participate in data collection. Nevertheless, a rise in hate crime is occurring and whether or not Trump winning…

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