Essay about Our Planet Of The Species Of Animal The Amur Leopard

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Our Planet In 100 Years Today we live in the age of evolution, ever single day humans are making new discoveries and advancements in science. We have sent men, and women to the moon, discovered cures for diseases, and raised our mortality rate to an all time high. However much of what we do as humans is in the present. Very few of us look forward to the future, and how what we do today may effect tomorrow. This is sometimes referred to as the term cause and effect, that is how one thing we do today may effect something that happens in the future. Our global temperatures are rising at an alarming rate, our polar ice caps are melting, and some how we have been able to push 100’s of species of animal to extinction. Usually without a second thought about it. More specifically I want to focus on one individual species of animal the Amur Leopard. This is a species that is native to the far east of Russia. Somehow us humans have managed to make this species critically endangered through poaching, and habitat destruction. This cycle is only going to continue with all species over the next 100 years if we do not change our ways, and look at our cause and effect from a present and future standpoint. The Amur Leopard is a sub species of Leopard that has adapted to live in the far east of eastern Russia. At full maturity they weigh about 70-105 pounds and live in temperate, broad leaf, and mixed forest habitats. However there is only believed to be about 60 individuals left alive, and…

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