Our Campus Walk At Queens Borough Community College Essay

972 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Our campus walk around Queens Borough Community College was very interesting. We paid close attention to the plants and trees that grow around the campus. Of the variety of trees and plants, some were either planted or just naturally grows on campus grounds. There are employees that arrive on campus early in the morning and take care of the plants and grass found throughout the entire campus. Plants are widely known as the producer of oxygen that humans breathe in for respiratory purposes. However, it also provides a therapeutic feeling and helps us humans to feel better. Importantly, in the summertime plants aid us in cooling down the environment. Also, trees provide shade for us in the hot summer days when the sun is boiling. I learned during the campus walk that grass absorbs heat making it cooler to sit on during the summer. Broken down bedrock is crumbled which ends in the production of soil.
Nutrients, minerals and living organism’s keeps the soil ultimately healthy. Decomposed leaves as well as certain animals are essential to adding nutrients to the soil. Soil compaction occurs when stress is applied to the soil due to either people walking or vehicles driving on top of it. Primarily this is not good for the soil and the living components that 's dependent on it, such as insects. The soil is basically squished together causing less space between soil particles. When this happens the soil becomes lifeless and cannot hold the essential soil particles. Also, soil…

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