Our Body Is Formed Through The Genetics We Inherit From Our Parents

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Human beings are born to be different. Our body is formed through the genetics we inherit from our parents, while our mind is sculpted through the experiences we learn from our successes and failures. As we age, our identity and actions are constantly being influenced by the environment and people we live with such as the teachers who teaches us how to read and write, friends who provokes us to do ridiculous things, and our family, who cares for us. “When people tell other about themselves, they kind of have to do it in a narrative way-that’s just how humans communicates,” says Julie Beck. Sometimes this narrative is through a story they tell. When people ask me to describe myself, I often talk about how the communities I encountered made me who I am and what I want to become through my stories I experienced in Leon, Nicaragua. It was only a trip that lasted 3 week, yet it felt like a year has passed. During the summer, I had the privilege to travel to Leon, Nicaragua, a city with intense culture and a site that is unimaginable, through a program called Global Glimpse. However, this wasn’t going to be a vacation, this was a chance for me to seek how the world really is with real life issues that I was able to experience first hand. Having never been outside of California, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. I wanted to free myself from the bubble I was living in and learn more about the world by engulfing myself in a culture quite different from my own.…

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