Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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This extract comes from act two of Othello and takes place after Othello has demoted Cassio for behaving disorderly at a celebration. We see a direct link to the source text of Othello; Cinthio’s Tale as the captain in the source text injures a guard and the Moor has no choice but to strip him of his rank. In this extract, as well as the events before, we are clearly shown Iago’s Machiavellian nature. Unable to manipulate Cassio with words, Iago tries other means such as making Cassio drunk so that he loses his inhibitions as well as common sense. This could clearly link to the tragic genre as we see the manipulative skills that Iago possess and as the antagonist of the play, it could be seen that his purpose is to cause Othello’s tragic downfall and act as a catalyst towards his decline, it could be argued that Iago is the sole reason for Othello’s tragic decline
The extract starts with “Exeunt all but Iago and Cassio,” this stage direction makes it clear the Iago and Cassio are the only ones present, this may not be significant in its self, however Iago mainly manipulates people when they are alone and vulnerable, the fact that no one is there except these two characters could show the isolation that Iago’s schemes can cause other characters, we especially see this when Othello later kills Desdemona and realises he can’t live without her and that he is now alone. This dramatic device could show Iago’s power over the characters in this play and link to the tragic genre as…

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