Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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What does the word “Tragedy” mean according to the dictionary.com site? An Event in life that evokes feelings of sorrow or grief (dictionary.com) If we take a look over Othello, does this play fit into this definition? Yes, we can say the events that occur during the play does evoke feelings of sorrow and grief for several persons, not just Othello. If we go over the play of Othello how many times do we see something tragic happen. We start the play with hearing about how a distraught pursuer of Desdemona is so upset that she has gone off and married another. This person is Roderigo and he has been trying to win over Desdemona and is very upset and is trying to come up with a way to seek revenge on both Desdemona and Othello We are also introduced to Iago which is quite upset with Othello. Othello promoted another over him and he is out to seek revenge. He wants Othello to pay for not choosing him. So he enlists Roderigo to assist him in his plan. However, Roderigo does not know that Iago does not care that he is heart –broken. Iago is only concerned about his reasons for getting back at Othello. Roderigo calls upon Desdemona’s father in the late night hours. He tells the man that something has been stolen from him. He cannot fathom why these men are awaking him at such an hour. Can this not wait until morning? No, Roderigo tells him. Your daughter has been stolen from you and uses some very distasteful expressions to avoid coming right out and saying it was Othello.…

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