Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare, an English poet, is considered the greatest writer of the English language. Of his 37 plays, Shakespeare’s Othello is regarded as one of his best tragedies. The play begins in Venice, in the middle of an argument between two characters named Roderigo and Iago, which almost foreshadows what evil is to come in this play. The concept of jealousy in the story of Othello shows us how one’s underlying fears can be manipulated by those who are resentful of us, and can turn us against even those we love most.
This play involves not just jealousy, but also love and hatred. Shakespeare really showcases how these strong feelings can bring out the worst in us. Within Othello, we have not just one character full of jealousy, but multiple. First, I will begin with Brabantio, Desdemona’s father. Brabantio was originally fascinated with Othello and his gripping stories of war, but when he realized his daughter was in love with this man and eloped with him, he became enraged and skeptical of both his daughter and Othello. Brabantio states: “Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see. She has deceived her father, and may thee.” (1.3.333-334). After realizing his daughter did not marry Othello because of magic, he points out to Othello that Desdemona deceived him and could easily do so to her new husband. Part of the reason Brabantio is so outraged at his daughter’s elopement is because he thought her to be so innocent and obeying. He had his daughter on a pedestal and…

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