Othello By William Shakespeare 's Othello Essays

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Some perplexing social issues, such as bigotry and envy, have passed from one generation to the next, affecting those that suffer from them. William Shakespeare, a well-known poet, often wrote plays including these controversies. One of these plays, Othello, is about a black man named Othello who faces prejudice due to his ethnicity. He is a proud and capable general in battle, which has won him the favor of the senate. Yet his place in society as a Moor keeps him feeling insecure when it comes to his wife, Desdemona. Othello’s insecurity becomes his downfall, as he is manipulated by Iago, who poses as a trusted friend. Iago, a central figure in both the play and the movie, is crafty and plays on the weakness of those around him. He manipulates Othello’s insecurities and fills Othello’s head with irrational thoughts; this drives Othello to kill Desdemona. Since racial issues and manipulation still exist today, this story maintains its relevance. Othello, a 1995 movie directed by Oliver Parker, does an excellent job of keeping the themes of manipulation, racism, and jealousy central to their production; however, since many lines are cut from Shakespeare’s play, it fails to fully develop Othello’s and Desdemona’s characters and the relationship they have with one another.
In Shakespeare’s play, Othello is portrayed as a sensible man who succumbs to jealousy after being manipulated. When Othello is introduced in the play, Iago informs him that Desdemona’s father,…

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