Othello By William Shakespeare 's Othello Essay

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In the book Othello by William Shakespeare, the main character Iago exploited each character. When he wanted to exploit someone he used the same tactic each time. He went after their weakness or tragic flaw. By manipulating each character and their flaws Iago systematically got each character, Othello, Roderigo, Cassio and Desdemona, to destroy themselves and each other. Iago really had no specific reason to make each character do what they did but he did it anyway. Iago showed us that by mastering the art of language and imagery and by using simple manipulation skills, you can control anyone. One of the first characters that we learn Iago hates is Michael Cassio. Cassio was a simple soldier under Othello who was given the promotion that Iago wanted. The thing about Cassio was he was super modest, he held his reputation in high regard, he was very loyal to Othello and he could not hold his alcohol. Iago took notice of these flaws and used them to his advantage. Iago gets Cassio drunk after Cassio says “I have unhappy brains for drinking…” (II.iii.28) and gets him involved in a fight, which then gets Cassio fired. Cassio then bemoans the fact that he has lost his reputation saying “Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost my reputation! / I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial. / My reputation, Iago, my reputation! (II.iii.242-245) Then knowing Iago’s lack of smarts and Othello’s jealousy, tells Cassio to go to Desdemona (Othello’s…

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