Osteoporosis And Fracture Risk In Women Of Different Ethnic Groups

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Janney Nguyen
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November 29th 2015
Anahid Mirzatoni

Osteoporosis So what is osteoporosis? Lets break it down, the word -osteo means bone, while -porosis means deterioration of something. The word together means the deterioration of bones. This usually occurs in older adults or the elderly since their bones are more fragile which could cause significant injuries towards them. The most common injuries from osteoporosis occur in the vertebrates, femur, and hip. In men and women, females are more prone to have osteoporosis in an earlier age than in males. The average American female gets osteoporosis around the ages of 60 and 70, while males get it around the age of 80. Elizabeth Conner, Ethel Siris and their study group wrote an article called, Osteoporosis and Fracture Risk in Women of Different Ethnic Groups to determine which ethnic group in females had a higher chance of osteoporosis depending on ones ethnicity. In the study they interviewed
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When osteoporosis has occurs it slowly deteriorate the cortical and trabecular bone making the bone more prone to becoming fractured or broken. This is due to the fact that osteoporosis has an uneven balance of bone regenerating and breaking down. There is more bone breaking down than building up, which affects the bone to heal. In the article Anatomy of Osteoporosis by Isador Lieberman gives information towards the anatomy of osteoporosis and the reasons of how osteoporosis occurs in the human body. He explains about reaching a certain peak in a persons bone mass would affect the bone once there is an uneven balance in the bone’s build up and break down process, explaining why nutrition and exercise are very important to maintain strong bone

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