Essay about Osmosis Lab Report

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Osmosis Rates in Artificial Cells

Daniel George
Department of Biology
Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI 49401 Abstract The lab for this paper was conducted for the topic of osmosis, the movement of water from high to low concentration. Five artificial cells were created, each being filled with different concentrated solutions of sucrose. These artificial cells were placed in hypertonic, hypotonic, or isotonic solutions for a period of 90 min. Over time, the rate of osmosis was measured by calculating the weight of each artificial cell on given intervals (every 10 minutes). The resulting weights were recorded and the data was graphed. We then could draw conclusions on the lab.
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Bag 1, consisting of water, was also put into a breaker containing water. The weight of this bag remains the same because it was placed in an isotonic solution, where the concentration of water was the same. Because of this, osmosis does not occur. The last bag (bag 5) contained only water whereas the beaker it was immersed in was a solution of 40% sucrose. The solution is a hypertonic solution because the concentration of water was higher inside the artificial cell then outside the cell membrane, inside the beaker. Because of this, the weight of bag 5 decreased as time went on because water was constantly leaving the bag through the pores of the dialysis tubing in an attempt to make the concentration of water equal inside and outside of the bag. As you can see from the results plotted in Graph 1, the bags that were put into a hypotonic solution gained weight over time, whereas the bag that was put into a hypertonic solution lost weight over time.
Conclusion/ Discussion As you look over the results of this experiment it is clear that indeed osmosis does occur in an artificial cell with a permeable membrane made of dialysis tubing. As the data shows, the artificial cells that were placed in hypotonic solutions had a gain in weight, the artificial cell that was placed in a hypertonic solution lost weight, and the cell placed in an isotonic solution stayed the same. The amount of weight gained or lost

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