Origin Of Dance Essay

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The origins of Dance are unknown but there are evidence of it through most old civilizations. For example, in ancient Egypt, priests, accompanied by musical instruments, would dance to mime important events in a story of whom ever god they worship. In Greece, 8th century BC, important events such as the games in the Olympia, were accompanied by temple priestesses (usually virgins) and danced in a circle to honor the temple’s god. In India, hand movements performed by the Hindu temple priestesses were documented all the way back the first century AD. Other than for ritual purposes, researchers found another purpose; entertainment. In Greece, it was shown through the Dionysiac dances that took part during celebrations, after harvesting the grapes. Although it was for honoring the God of wine, the dances
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Later, when Catherine de Medici married a French nobleman, she brought new dance styles into France. From there, court dances bloomed over 2 centuries; first, it consisted of small hops, slides, curtsies, promenades and gentle turns, the shoes themselves had tiny heels. As ballet evolved, many different new looks stayed around and others forgotten. For example, the classy white, round skirts that reached only at the calf for women. Dance variations in ballet also came and went, famous one was dancing on toe (pointe) that was meant only for women as well. Ballet gained popularities mostly because the Ballet Russes, they toured Europe and America, exposing the different ballet variations and finally, one of them (George Balanchine) settled in America and allowed ballet to settle in America too.
Ballet is important to the evolution of dance in essence, ballet was the first stone thrown to start a chain reactions of producing most western, modern dance styles. Even today, many dance styles use ballet’s vocabulary, as well as learning ballet is recommended in improving other dance

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