Organizations as Cultures Essay

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If one looks at the organization as a human body with a respiratory system, a skeleton, and a brain, the culture of the organization is its face. The organizational culture determines how individuals, both in and outside of the organization, perceive the way business is conducted. The National Defense University Website, in a section called Organizational Culture, highlights several cultural forms including language, use of symbols, ceremonies, customs, methods of problem solving, use of tools or technology, and design of work settings that create the way the organization is perceived (NDU 2009). An example of this idea is a restaurant. Most restaurants divide the business in the “front of the house” and the “back of
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Through various factors such as dress codes, social events, working hours, and selective hiring an organization forms an identity or culture. In the Case of John Rough, the organization that he has come from was one that had strict rules enforcing filing, working hours, and goes on. Now he finds himself in an organization that is a good deal more relaxed. As a new person in charge, he will attempt to change the organization to fit the culture that he is more comfortable with. In order to change what John Rough believes to be a problem he will first need to establish a system with which to create change. He decides to use the Chris Argyris’s action science. In Action Science there are two separate types of learning that an individual can use to adapt and solve an issue. They are found in Argyris’ ideas. They are Single-loop and Double-loop learning. Single-loop learning is the process by which a change occurs in a value; however, there is no change in the ideology that created that value (Argyris 2006). Double-loop learning is the process of addressing the correcting an error while at the same time changing the action strategies and theories that created the error (Argyris 2006).
In this case the problem is that the organization has created a culture that is relaxed and could be perceived as ineffective. John Rough, having identified the problem, will now use double-loop

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