Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
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Organizational Structure Paper
When it comes to business as any organizations it requires a structure, based on the resources and demands organization can changed or modify their structure. The most common two structures are vertical and horizontal structure which we see every business organization in global market (Bateman & Snell, 2011). In today’s any business organization theirs and important trait is not only the structure, it is the functions within the organization. An organizing function in management highlights the practices individuals use to interact and work with each other. There are many business organizations that are very successful in their own
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Facebook gave opportunity for businesses to advertise and let users like their products, give feedback about products which helped Facebook bring revenue from advertisements and companies to get honest feedback and also interdict their promotions in the same time in price of one. The way advertisements work in face book that you can create your own page about your business in Facebook and pay a fee monthly to have your page advertise their way as a business they can promote their products or even special sale campaigns to it customer. This will eliminate extra expenses a business needs to reach to customers and they can get the honest feedback up to date. Twitter works in the same way but is only set up for chatting through posts, or as it is called tweets. Tweets are text-based quotes of up to 140 characters and are posted on the user’s profile page Users can also send pictures and videos through Twit pictures and other sources Millions of people use Facebook and organizations use them to advertise and to promote their services. Myspace was a great for the marketing but business organizations never adopted Myspace as they welcomed Facebook (CNNMoney, Nove) and Myspace did not had a structure of express ideas and adopt to the changed coming their way, which was one of many reasons I personally believe Myspace did not reach successes. When Facebook went public in 2012 it

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