Essay about Organizational Structure and Culture

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Organizational Structure and Culture Marsha Ruckle Senior Practicum/492 May 13, 2013 Janice Cochran

Organizational Structure and Culture Every facility has an authority structure within the organization that is the foundation for the oversight of delegating processes and expected outcomes. Without structure there is a potential for chaos to ensue, communication to be inhibited, thereby preventing goals from getting accomplished. Organizational structure is an important tool managers use to increase efficiency within the departments (Sullivan, 2013) and is an important line of communication for employees at the department level as well as throughout the organization. Every
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Because the goals of the departments are similar and service-oriented, the clients’ service goals take priority throughout the hospital stay. Our facility tends to have high customer satisfaction scores and organizations operating under the service-line structures also tend to have high client satisfaction and improved patient safety because of specializations of the departments (Sullivan, 2013).
Information Systems, Communication, Decision-Making Ability The use of information systems facilitates how an organization functions consistently because it increases the effectiveness of the work done by the members of that organization whether it is related to patient care or any number of other functions necessary to run an organization. Information systems allow for all members of the team to store and process data quickly, accurately, and across the continuum of care. The electronic medical record is just one example of the use of information systems in our organization. There can be issues with security with the use of information systems with concerns surrounding system breaches of confidentiality. Fortunately, the organizations wisely invest in protection through the information systems. All organizations need various forms of communication to function efficiently, whether it is through audio-visual means or telecommunications. Audio-visual communication is typically for the

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