Organizational Risk Management : An Integral Part Of Any Health Care Organization

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Organizational Risk Management Interview
Risk management is an integral part of any health care organization. It is the core of any infection prevention and control program. To illustrate this point an interview will be conducted with a health care provider in a health care organization who has knowledge of the organizations risk management policies and procedures when it comes to infection control. Pertinent questions will be asked of the employee as well as a follow up with research and outcomes.
The Interview The interview was conducted with Atlanta Sedeno, LPN a wound care nurse at Casas Adobes Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center in Tucson, AZ. Atlanta is very active in the prevention and spread of infections as one could imagine being a wound care nurse. She works directly with the risk management team in planning and implementing policies and procedures in relation to infection control. The following questions were asked:
1. How does your company prevent the spread of infectious disease? Atlanta states that her company uses personal protective equipment (PPE) along with hand washing before and after seeing patients, she goes on to say that comprehensive staff training upon hire, annually, and as needed are part of the company’s organizational policies and procedures(A. Sedeno, personal communication, April 07, 2016). Sometimes constant reminders over a pre-determined period of time can install new habits (Clear, 2016). Periodic handwashing checks could be…

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