Organizational Design and Business Ethics Essay examples

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BUSI610: Organization Design and Business Ethics
Mitzi N. Harvey
Liberty University

This literature review examines the concepts of business ethics and how it is related to the organizational design of a corporation. The first section of this review defines the concepts of business ethics and organizational design to establish their meaning and use throughout this paper. The second aspect of understanding the relationship between business ethics and organizational design comes from understanding how and/or why ethics is important to organizational design. This will illustrate any underlying influences ethics has on business structure and design. The third section of this paper reviews and groups the literature found
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This consistency between the organization’s structure and operations differentiates the competitively successful organizations from the less fortunate ones. For the purpose of this review, an organization can be defined as a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective plan or desire. All organizations must have a designed structure that determines how relationships function between the various activities and members involved. This structure also subdivides and designates roles, responsibilities, and the authority necessary to complete the various tasks. Organizations are open systems; which means they impact and are impacted by their environment. The interchangeable influence of this relationship between organizations and their environment is the reason why organizational ethics is such a prominent topic for discussion or research. In this paper, we shall highlight various literatures to examine the specific arguments and ideas available on the topics of organizational structure/design and ethics. By highlighting these arguments, we hope to reveal the importance of ethics on organizational structure/design and thus; how these ethical influences can positively impact organizations and provide them a competitive advantage.

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