Organizational Change : An Effective Leader Essay example

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1. Identify specific character traits a leader must possess to lead organizational change. The most important character trait an effective leader must possess is trustworthiness. No matter how competent a leader may be, they will not get very far if their team does not have confidence in them.
2. Describe five barriers to leading organizational change. This term, I have learned that change isn 't easy. It is one of the biggest differences between organizations. The ability to successfully change is the reason why some can transform, while others remain stuck. The following five barriers must be broken down if change is to be implemented successfully. Lack of Good Leadership: it is one of the most common barriers often ignored. With a lack of leadership, employees can be misinformed, often leading to the resistance of change. When directing change, strong leadership is vital as employees want to know what is going on. Good leadership will clarify the new changes, how they will be implemented and how they are going to impact the organization. Resistance to Change: In general people resist change. In the workplace, employees may resist due to being comfortable with the way things are. They also know the expectations and their role. When a change is introduced it upsets their familiarity. Supporting them and providing training for any new responsibilities can help ease the transition. Insufficient Culture Shift Preparation: Through our discussions this term, It was clear that…

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