Organizational Analysis Essay

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Organizational analysis

Hospital AB and Health Center is a community based acute care general hospital. The hospital is proactive in seeking methods to identify and provide all sources of community benefit and charity care. The mission of the hospital as stated in administrative service manual policy 726 (2005) is “With caring and compassion, we will improve the health and quality of life of the people we service.” The purpose of existence of the hospital is the commitment to patients and community to first understand their needs, second to provide services that meet these needs; and third, the recognition that service and clinical excellence are only achieved if they are delivered with caring and compassion.
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As stated earlier, hospital has a capacity of 347 licensed beds among which 49 are psychiatric unit beds and 14 are rehabilitation unit beds. The hospital is equipped with 338 registered nurses, 22 licensed practical nurses, 27 respiratory therapists, 30 occupational and physical therapists, 10 registered pharmacists, 9 registered dietitians and 706 other employees (Unknown author, 2002). Two major service lines offered by the hospital include heart center and cancer center. The hospital AB heart center was initiated in 1992 by a core group of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. The program integrates a broad spectrum of services from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and prevention. The cancer center focuses on helping the patients with managing their side effects, obtaining blood tests, arranging transportation to treatments and answering any questions. The center also offers cancer services clinical research team which enrolls participants in cancer research preventative and treatment trials (unknown author, 2007). In recent years, Hospital AB has been recognized for providing community with quality healthcare and superior clinical outcomes. In 2000 and 2002 the hospital was recognized as one of the top 100 heart hospitals. News Press readers voted the hospital as the city’s best hospital

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