Essay on Organization Diagnosis and Design

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GM543-03-09-AS Organization Diagnosis and Design

GM543 unit 3 Assignment
Milestone 3 Focus Paper
In unit 2, I concentrated on organizational design options which included functional, product, market, geographical, and process. There were many policies that I kept in mind which includes specialization, shape, distribution of power, and departmentalization. There were other drivers of structural choice that were also important. This included the size of the organization, environment, technology, as well as business strategy. If our organization adapted to these changes, there was no doubt that it could remain competitive in the business environment that is fast
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The organization has also come up with systems that work from a common basis when it comes to goals. Despite the fact that individuals as well as departments have been given the opportunity to come up with their own decisions, it is important to indicate that they are supposed to make sure that the goals reflect the ultimate goal of the company. The systems have been formulated in a manner that they are able to work with other systems in providing the ultimate desired goal. The employees also have been encouraged to be creative and innovative should they find an easier and effective way of the organization carrying out its activities, to forward them.
The decision making process is a very open and fundamental issue in the organization. The management is always with the aim of making informed decisions that can be accepted by everyone in the organization. The main goal is to ensure that no one feels left out of anything, and that anyone can be free to voice out their concerns should there be any. The secret behind this is that the management is able to cooperate with the employees in a way that is open, and understanding. The relationship that exists between the two separate parties is also one that is very healthy (Diane, 2002). The management feels free to engage with the employees hence understanding them even more. The employees, on the other hand, are also able to engage

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