Essay on Organic Foods And The Organic Food Trend

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Organic food, that’s all a person hears nowadays from hair shampoo to dog food all the the way to vegetables are organic. An organic product is made from the earth with no pesticides and is harvested by a farming method that is healthy for the environment. Organic food trend has started for many reason with many consequences, but some of this reasons are why Americans are crazy about organic food.
In the 1930’s in the British Empire and Germany, the organic food trend started because of social protest about genetically altered crops (Organic). World hunger soon struck in the 1960’s, the government needed chemical altering for food to grow. Many people were against this but it needed to be done. After, WWII when world hunger rates went down, the trend started to be conveyed,they pushed against the use of chemicals in pesticides, for the population only food. After the 1970’s, “green” thinking influenced many American ideas. They saw a growing need for environmental reform. Organic farming helped reduce pollution and conserve water and soil. In the 1980’s, Whole Foods opened in Austin, Texas. This was the first store to sell organic foods. They have continued growing and now have more than 300 stores. In 1986, Carlo Petrini fought against having a McDonalds opened in Rome. This movement he started was called “Agrigola” and they are known for their resist of fast food. (Brian Black). This movement as of 2010 has expanded its motivation to fight to preserve traditional plants…

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