Organic Foods And Organic Food Essay

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Organic Foods Over the past few decades, a strong debate has ensued on the topic of the production of organic foods. Both sides in this argument are adamant and present strong facts. The pro-organic food side argues that they use little to no chemicals in any of their products, that they use traditional methods such as crop rotation to keep the earth crisp and avoid overuse, that the foods are free of genetically modified ingredients, that their produce is healthier, and that organic livestock are treated more humanely and without the use of any medicines or steroids. The anti-organic campaign says that organic companies do indeed use chemicals that are harmful, that the manure used in organic growth carries larger pathogen contamination, that there are unique problems with organic animals that present problems for humans, and that organic food production is not adequate to meet the world 's food needs. Since 1996, the sale of organic foods in America has increased roughly twenty percent every year, from $78 million in 1980 to about $6 billion presently. Almost 50% of the American population buys at least one organic product at least once a month. About one percent of the United States ' food supply is grown with organic methods.
The Soil Association also states that there are many benefits to eating organic foods as opposed to eating non-organic foods. Along with not using any chemicals on the animals or crops that are being cultivated, organic foods are free from…

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