Essay on Organic Food Is Not Safer

1511 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
While grocery shopping many people are looking for products that taste and look the best, have the most nutritional value, and are cost efficient, but now there is one more factor to consider. Should you buy organic? For instance, you are in the produce section and looking at the apples. The apples all have a vibrant red color and they have the same shape, but one section has a little sticker that says “organic.” Does this sticker make the apple taste better or have more nutrients? Will organic be worth the higher price? These factors and more have been studied and researched by experts, and the results are in. Organic is neither safer, nor healthier than conventional food. Organic food is not safer because loopholes can be found in the regulations organic is kept to. Organic food has not been scientifically proven to be healthier, and does not have more nutrients. Food that is organic costs more and will not be able to keep up without growing population, therefore organic is less desirable. In order for farmers to put the label “organic” on their product they must meet many standards. The United State Department of Agriculture, USDA, writes the regulations for organic products. Some of the regulations include, organic products ban any genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, or sewage sludge; therefor products can be produced using only allowed substances. This means no unnatural pesticides or herbicides can be used. Organically raised animals are strictly fed organic…

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