Argumentative Essay On Organic Food

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Organic food, that’s all a person hears nowadays from hair shampoo to dog food all the the way to vegetables are organic. An organic product is made from the earth with no pesticides and is harvested by a farming method that is healthy for the environment. Organic food trend has started for many reason with many consequences, but some of this reasons are why Americans are crazy about organic food.
In the 1930’s in the British Empire and Germany, the organic food trend started because of social protest about genetically altered crops (Organic). World hunger soon struck in the 1960’s, the government needed chemical altering for food to grow. Many people were against this but it needed to be done. After, WWII when world hunger rates went down,
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This made people aware of many reasons, why conventional foods aren’t safe or ethical. Some of the ethical principles are ecological sustainability and care for animal welfare. Pesticide use is said to cause health problems. Ecological sustainability is for ecosystems to remain the same function delivering biodiversity over a long period of time. Many people are wronging informed that organic food is more nutritious said Arick. Those who eat primarily organic, naturally and locally produced diet don 't think there 's any more vitamin C in an organic tomato than there is in a conventional tomato. We eat organically because of what isn 't in the tomato, namely herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. (“What We Know, and Don’t Know About Organic Food”). Arick explained why many people are eating organics because they don’t want those toxins in their kids bodies or their own …show more content…
They are natural, and takes its time to grow and the size can vary. Since it does not have a specific growing date like most genetically grown crops. They don’t produce as much so this causes many of the organic food to be import from countries like China, New Zealand, Mexico, and Argentina. Not many studies taken have been on the effects of organic food on people. However, they have found very little difference between organic food and conventional food (produce/meats). Organic food can not be produced fast enough, in mass amounts, to meet the needs for world hunger. We need to use conventional farming and the modified crops to grow enough food. Many think organic food is safer because they have less pesticide residue. Organic farming reduces fossil fuel usage and these methods promote the conservation of water and soil and reduce pollution ("Organic Food Movement Gains Prominence."). The Soil and Water Conservation Society says that herbicide-based, low- and no-tillage cropping systems are the most sustainable ever

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