Organ Transplantation : The Greatest Achievements Essay

1210 Words Oct 31st, 2014 null Page
The introduction of organ transplantation is one of the greatest achievements in our modern medicine. Thousands of lives have been saved each year and the history has proved the importance of organ transplantation in our healthcare system. However, the topic raises multiple ethical dilemmas and yet unanswered questions. We usually do not think about the organ transplantation as a subject until we face the need of it either by family member or close friend. Even though, more organ transplants have been performed in clinical settings, the lack of available organ for transplantation is still major issue in the field of medicine. “Approximately 73,000 people sit on the waiting list for a kidney—18 of them will die by tomorrow and 6,000 more patients join the list every year” (Monti, 2009, p.1). With that in mind, the subject of allowing donors to be paid for donating an organ remains controversial and brings about ethical question about the extent to which this is morally acceptable and in accordance of the socially accepted norms. Every day we see people losing their life due to the shortage of available organs for transplantation. Individuals, families and communities suffer and have to experience the anguish as a result of losing their loved once as a result of the unavailability of the organ for transplantation. With that in mind, I strongly believe that the development of policy that support the view of allowing individuals to donate their organs in exchange of material…

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