Essay Organ Supplies Are Stagnant And Scarce

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Organ supplies are stagnant and scarce. This poses a critical issue. Fortunately with today’s technology, (aside from human transplantation) two major potential solutions have derived: xenotransplantation (the process of replacing human organs with animal organs) and organ engineering or tissue engineering (creating tissues and organs from human cells). Aside from the promising benefits and breakthroughs, these two methods are far from perfect, and although there has been successful cases, there are obstacles and missing aspects. These two methods will deliver a change and a huge impact in the medical world despite the imperfections they posses. The lack of organs has been an issue for decades and still is an issue, but as potential solutions, xenotransplantation and organ engineering pose a promising future. The need and demand for organs such as lungs, heart, liver, and so on are constantly growing. Even though there have been campaigns and attempts to advocate and encourage donations, the supplies have still stagnated, and many patients are left on the waiting list. According to the “Replacement Parts” article, “in the US alone, more than 114,000 people are on transplant lists, waiting for an act of tragedy or charity” (Yong). This issue triggered different responses from researchers and scientists, and two major proposals derived. The first one is to take organs and tissues from other organisms other than humans and modifying them to be transplanted into the patients.…

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