Organ Sales : Short Term Loss, Greed And The Global Organ Trade

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If there were family members or friends that were faced with a life or death situation, would they do everything in their power to get the help they needed? The easy answer would be yes; however, it is not that easy for many people. The issue here is that there is a higher demand for organs then they can supply causing people to become more and more desperate to survive. The article that will be examined is “Vera 's Kidney, Walter 's Money: Desperation, Greed and the Global Organ Trade” (Ginzel, Kraushaar, Winter, 2012). In this article, it talks about a wealthy 74-year-old man who only had months to live with is failing kidneys. It also talks about a single mother in Istanbul, who needed money to fly her daughter over but simply could not afford it. Putting the law aside, the old man was willing pay $10,000 dollars for her kidney. Another article that was found stated, “Studying organ sales: short term profits, long term suffering” (Kahn, 2002) interviewed 350 people who recently sold their organs. “The vast majority reported selling a kidney to pay off debts, but nearly 75 percent said they were still in debt six years later” (Kahn, 2002). Even though organ sales are still illicit here in the U.S, many people are becoming so desperate that they do not mind putting the law aside in spite of saving their own lives. The criteria that constitutes being desperate relating to the legalization of organ sale is desperation from lack of organs available, desperation in seeking…

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