Ordinary People By Judith Guest Essay

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Pain is defined as the physical discomfort or suffering caused by illness or injury. In Ordinary People by Judith Guest the story of a grieving family is portrayed. The story begins when Conrad gets out of the mental hospital, beginning to recover from his suicide attempt. However, as the story progresses the reader learns of much more hidden pain in the families past. A boating accident caused Jordan, Conrad’s older brother, to die, leaving the family in disrepair. After the death of his brother and a suicide attempt of his own, Conrad is finally on the way to recovery. Beth struggles with confronting the pain and grief felt after the loss of her old life.Cal becomes focused on trying to fix the past, giving him no escape from his pain. Berger, Conrad and Cal’s therapist, helps the family deal with their pain in order to overcome it. The events in the Jarret family 's lives mirror the grief felt by the human experience.

Conrad experiences many tragedies in his life and is beginning to recover from his past. In the novel, “the well-being of the survivor, Conrad, depends on his accepting the truth about his brother Buck’s death despite his families inability to face either it or him; otherwise, his only way out is through suicide”(“Dead Athletes and Other Martyrs”). Conrad felt so much pain that he believed the only way to escape it was through suicide. After the accident his family did not know how to handle the situation, and choose to ignore it instead. This…

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