Oral Health And Finding Out How People Care For Their Teeth Essay

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The mouth is the gateway to everything in your body, it is the beginning of the human digestive tract, and usually the first thing people notice when they meet you. I chose to do my research on oral health and finding out how people care for their teeth. Being in the dental field I am constantly surrounded by people with varying health conditions. My career goal is to become a dentist, and with that providing patient knowledge is key. The things I learned while in dental assisting school made me realize how uninformed people are about their oral health and proper ways to take care of their teeth. By conducting this survey, I am interested in learning the basics of the classes dental habits.

My survey was taken by an array of men and women of different age groups. 63% of those surveyed were female and 37% were male, totaling a sample size of 86 participants. To gather the results for my hypothesis’s I separated those males and females into four separate age groups. The age groups I used were 16-20 years which consisted of 50% of the same size, 21-30 years which was 35%, 31-40 years at 9%, and finally 41+ years with 6% of those surveyed.
Many foods that we eat contain sugar. However, specific foods and drinks contain high amounts of sugar that are detrimental to the health of teeth. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, “the mouth is full of hundreds of bacteria, many of which are beneficial to the oral ecosystem. However, certain…

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