Opioids Are Classified As A Medication Used For A Pain Reliever

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Opioids are classified as a medication used for a pain reliever. Medications that fall within this class include hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, codeine, and related drugs. (Prescription Drug Abuse, 2014) Most of these opioids are orally taken, some are injected under the skin but generally are taken orally. These medications are prescribed by a doctor for pain relief from surgery or in general for pain that just will not go away without these pretty hard core pain relievers. There is always a concern that a person will become addicted to these medications and there is also concern that people will abuse these medications because of their known effects. This is generally the cause for a person to become an addict. There are many people that will ask to not be put on an opioid pain reliever because of the effects that it has on many people. Doctors are now also being directed to be more cautious about prescribing these medications because of the addiction crisis that is now in the world. There have been cases in the world, where doctors and nurses are even addicted to these medications and get into legal trouble for writing out their own prescriptions for these medications.
Also, there is Heroin. “Heroin is highly addictive and pharmacologically similar to prescription opioids.” (Compton, Jones, & Baldwin, 2016) Heroin is injected and snorted through the nostrils. This is pretty much the same as Cocaine. Heroin use has grown in the past few years and is widely…

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