Operations Management from Islamic Perspective Essays

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Management characterizes the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business, through the deployment and manipulation of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible). From western perspective, they usually emphasize on seeking tremendous profits regardless how they get it. They will do what ever it takes in order to achieve their targets. The main thing for them is profit maximization.

Whereas, the Islamic approach to management it is an emerging discipline, often referred to as Islamic management, looks at the management of organizations from the perspective of the knowledge from the revealed sources and other Islamic sources of knowledge and results in
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Any earning from prohibited businesses is sinful. The Prophet pbuh stated that “when Allah prohibit a thing, he prohibits (giving and receiving) the price as well”. Based on the hadith we know that any products that contain the haram elements and resources cannot be sold.

Same with the consumer viewpoint, we know that all the things that we eat will become our flesh and blood, so imagine if we eat the haram things, it also will be the same and we do not know whether Allah accept our amal and prayer or not.

Thus, Islam emphasizes the optimal utilization of resources that Allah has endowed upon man and his physical environment. Below are the tips that can be followed in mind of every people especially in an organization for better management of resources given by Allah.

• All resources come from Allah (Unto Allah (belongeth) whatso ever is in heavens and whatsoever is in earth (Quran,2:284)

• Living resources are created in pairs for growth in number

• Resources are to be shared with the needy

• Do not hoarded the resources

• Multiple usage of resources

• There are some forbidden resources or forbidden usage of some resources

• Unethical acts to devour other’s resources are illegal


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