Operations Management/Enterprise Project Essay

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Course: Operations management
Enterprise Project: Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing

Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing

Organizational Structure Organizational structure plays an important role in the development, and arrangement of tasks. This is because the structure of an organization is used to coordinate department, and tasks such as coordination, allocation, and supervision. These activities are geared towards the achievement of set goals and objectives of respective organizations. When designing the organizational structure, I took into consideration the goals and objectives of the company. I considered both the long term and the short-term goal. This enabled me design the above
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The following process flow diagram is relevant to the organization. The company is concerned with the production of pallets from scrap tires and Styrofoam. The diagram illustrated below shows how the company undertakes its production, and availing finish products to the market. The company scouts for the raw materials required for the production of the product, prepares the respective raw materials and present them to the firm for processing. After the production is complete, the respective products are packed and transported to the market upon demand.

Purchase of raw materials (readily available scrap tires and Styrofoam)

Refining of raw materials


Production of final product

Packing of products

Transportation to the market
Information flow diagram
Information flow within an organization and with its customers is

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