Operational Plan For Health Professional Team And Maintenance Team

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Operational Plan
The MobMed will be operated as an independent organization, which will require skills and resources. It will need two managerial and six van-based staffs. The managerial staff will include a medical director and a program coordinator. The medical director will oversee general operation of the clinic and staffs. The program director will be involved in clerical work, bookkeeping, recording, finance, and writing grants. On the other hand, the van-based staffs will be composed of the health professional team and maintenance team. In the health professional team, there will be one obstetrician/gynecologist, one family nurse practitioner, two nurses, and one laboratory technologist. These healthcare professionals will provide variety of screenings and counseling services in a culturally and linguistically competent environment. Pateints in need of additional diagnostic or treatment services will be refer to their primary care providers, community health centers, and other local providers as appropriate. The maintenance team is represented by the driver. The organizational chart is represented in the figure 3 below:
The resources that will be necessary to start up the clinic include a fully furnished healthcare bus, ECG machine, and centrifuge machine, blood pressure monitor with stethoscope, nebulizer, digital thermometer, and laboratory test kits, and marketing materials, and gasoline. The MobMed will visit underserved communities in nine counties. It is…

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