Essay about Operating System and Network Administration

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The Role of Operating Systems and Network Administration in the IS Curriculum
D. Robert Adams and Carl Erickson
Grand Valley State University
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Allendale, MI 49401 USA
The reliance by companies of all sizes on information technology creates strong demand for system and network administration jobs. Information System majors will increasingly find themselves with opportunities and responsibilities in these areas. However, teaching operating systems and networking to information systems major presents many challenges. We have developed a model for teaching these topics to information systems majors in the context of operating system and network administration. This
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Fourth, we hope to provide a pedagogical model for others to follow in developing a course in operating system and network administration.
The rest of this paper describes our course goals and structure, then presents our ideas and experiences in teaching it.
The basic goal of the course is to teach IS students problem solving/administration skills in operating systems and networks. After having taken the course, students should be able to set up and maintain a network of machines and computer services. Specifically, the course has two complementary goals. First, students should get a solid foundation in the fundamental theories and models of operating systems and networks. However, unlike a traditional CS operating system or networking course, our IS-centered course lacks many of the low-level details. For example, rather than teaching a topic like virtual memory by describing page tables, table lookup buffers, paging algorithms, etc., the topic is taught in the context of swap space, and swap space management.
The second goal of the course is to provide students practical hands-on experience administering an actual system Error! Reference source not found.. This is unlike the industrial training model that teaches specific applications and products (e.g., Microsoft Certified Engineer program, or Novell certification) without a solid grounding in fundamentals.
Grand Valley State University is a growing

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