Open Minded Leadership Assignment

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Enlist Others Agreeability and reaching common ground among all parties involved in a change is an extremely tough task that often creates roadblocks to reaching the desired goal. Overcoming disagreements start with the leader’s ability to inspire the group with enthusiasm and emotion that is both energetic yet sincere. Engaging the inner feelings of others and providing a sense of significance transforms subordinates and ignites a passion which leads the group to a common goal (Kouzes and Posner, 2012). Passion and energy is a characteristic that John Novy brings with him to work on a daily basis. He has the unique ability to create a cohesive team atmosphere with both the SWAT team and the road patrol squads that he currently supervises.
Challenge The Process Leaders are tasked with assignments that do not always have a clear direction or appear attainable at first glance, however it is the leader’s responsibility to enact change and transform the way business is conducted. Exceeding expectations take dedication on the part of a leader to take innovative actions that will lead to favorable results. Open minded leadership encourages others to seek solutions to problems by looking externally
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Strengthening skills through interaction builds both confidence and competence. As empowerment reaches an all time high, adaptation on the part of a leader uses this style as a clear inspiration to boost productivity (Kouzes and Posner, 2012). John Novy consistently empowered me to take control of my investigations and always left the door open to engage in conversations that might make certain aspects of the investigation stronger. John was able to build my confidence, not by praise, but by showing me how to bolster my investigative skills which in turn made me a more competent

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