Online Vs. Face At Higher Levels Essay

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Online vs. Face to Face As students receive education at higher levels, they get more choice of how they learn. There are options such as online classes or continuing with in classroom learning. Some students feel as though they will benefit from learning online because they assume all the material they will need will be right there in front of them. Then there are others who know that they are going to strive and succeed through face to face learning. In classroom learning should be the first choice for high school and college students, rather than online because of the beneficial support of the environment, and success through peer interaction, and socialisation.
When students are asked why they chose to take an online class, the most common answer would probably be “convenience.” This response is not surprising considering that the first reason for online education is to serve students who are unable or find it difficult to attend on site classrooms. Although it’s thought to be an “easy route”, Angela Ronk from Rasmussen College says. “I have had many late nights, some even in tears. It’s not just a simple path (Erikson, 1).” According to University of Potomac, 30% of college students are enrolled in at least one online class (Potomac College LLC). Online courses accommodate students by allowing them the flexibility to attend school at a time and location that is convenient for them. Even though online courses are a growing trend, students need to consider the…

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