Comparison Essay: Traditional Schools Vs. Online Classes

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As technology has advanced throughout the years, so have the means of education. With these advancements, online classes have become available and more common. Online classes are generated on the computer and done at home. Online classes are done on a students own time. Although that might sound appealing to you, traditional classes are still more popular. As many people know, traditional classes are face to face and usually take place in a classroom. These classes have an instructor to help guide a student and further their education and most of their time is spent taking notes, asking questions, and working on assignments. The average traditional classroom student scores in the 50th percentile; whereas the average online student scores in …show more content…
Traditional classes provide a student to have a schedule which will result to a more structured life style. If a student is having a hard time understanding something in class, there is always a teacher around that they can talk to. Not only can a student ask the teacher questions, the student can also ask his classmates for help. This not only helps the student out with school, but allows the student to make friends. There are many guidelines, or goals that you must pursue in order to be successful in a traditional classroom. A student must be responsible enough to attend class on time and come prepared. This will allow the student to take notes in class and stay on top of their assignments, otherwise they will fail. A student must learn to get along with their classmates or the whole ride will be bumpy. This not only benefits a student now, but prepares the student for later on in life when they must deal with coworker that they do not like. The social skills students develop and responsibility of being on time prepare the student for life after college when it is time to obtain a job and lifestyle. Traditional classes not only give you the education you need, but also help prepare you for what is to

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