Online Shopping vs Brick and Mortar Essay

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Online Shopping VS Brick and Mortar
Ann Gove
December 10, 2011
Marianne Raley

Online shopping VS Brick and Mortar
Does the idea of shopping in Italy, France, or Japan at 3:00 am in your pajamas while snuggled up on the couch sound like a good idea? Then internet shopping is the way to go. As of the first twenty five days of the November- December 2011 Holiday season internet sales totaled 12.7 billion dollars, that’s an increase of 15% since last year. Online shopping dominates the brick and mortar with convenience, price, and variety that traditional shopping can’t compare to and research shows why. Now some say they like to see and touch the item in the store and although you may have a valid point but after reading my
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So in the end at the brick and mortar he paid more than the items online and spent 8 hours of his day going from store to store with not much luck, and spent $25 dollars in gas as opposed to 2 hours online and got everything on his list with a savings of $50 plus no shipping costs and he didn’t have to drive to get any of the items, I am happy to say I have made him a true believer in the online shopping and a convert as well. The convenience of internet shopping cannot be denied you can literally shop at any hour of the day or night and never have to leave the comfort of your home. According to industry standards 64% of the people polled states they shop online because it saves so much time, and the convenience of the shopping hours can’t be beat. You can shop when it’s convenient to your schedule and not at the mercy of when a stores hours are as the internet is open twenty four seven, 365 days a year and you don’t even have to get dressed and go outside. You are also able to shop for many different items at one time to, and can do so more efficiently than going from store to store. Online you can shop for a specific item you are looking for in many different stores to find the best price or availability of product.
The costs of shopping on the internet are cheaper for the consumer as the internet companies aren’t

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