Essay about Online Shop Backed By A Brick And Mortar Facility

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Five Reasons To Choose a Online Shop Backed by a Brick and Mortar Facility

Once upon a time there was a brick and mortar stationery shop in nearly every city in America. More in the larger cities. Today, you have to look far and wide to find a location that carries quality paper, pens, and other high-end writing products. Even specialty chains like Hallmark have found it hard to compete, dropping from over 5,000 stores to just over 2,000 in less than a decade.

The Internet changed things; nobody denies this. What is in question is whether or not the change was for the better? It digital everything the wave of the future? Are analog methods of communication as archaic as the quill pen or papyrus? Do brick and mortar stores have a place in the digital world?

Surprisingly, the largest digital marketplaces and suppliers in the world are giving us the answers to these questions, and it 's likely not what you think. Digital is going to be an important part of the future, but it will not be the end of paper and pen. Internet stores will continue to grow, but they will not fully replace physical locations. In fact, Ebay, Amazon, and Google are all expanding their presence in the physical store marketplace. Apple already set the bar high with its highly interactive and innovative brick and mortar, virtual store hybrid.

Why the interest in the physical marketplace? Recent research has suggested that people spend more money in physical stores, especially if they have used the…

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