Online Dating And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Finkel et al (2012) conducted a study that discredits online dating and recommends that people meet personally before they can develop liking for each other and eventually fall in love. On one hand, they agree that online dating brings forth a large pool of individuals from which to choose but, on the other hand, they also argue that such a large number will reduce the motivation to commit to a single person. Although the study focused on how online dating influences individuals mindsets, it was not conducted on the dating parties but rather interviewed operators of dating services. It effectively answered the question as to whether people should shift to online dating rather than the traditional forms of courtship and established that online dating often results in failed relationships. That view is also supported by (Eagly, 2011). However, its limitation is in the fact that it does not offer a scientific explanation of how online dating functions. Rather, it concentrates on the manner in which access to the dating services and matchmaking influence the process of falling in love. In terms of the recommendations of this paper, this article supports prolonged personal interactions for the sake of knowing each other before entering into a long-term relationship.
Studies by Hall and Fincham (2009) address both Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love and Attachment Theory. In the context of Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, the article investigates a number of combinations…

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